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Whether or not you live in Pennsylvania, you can have a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. Our law firm has helped countless clients from Pennsylvania and throughout the United States receive the money and medical care they were entitled to because of their work-related injury. Our firm has also protected and expanded the rights of more workers who were injured in Pennsylvania than any other law office. There is never a charge unless we obtain money for you. Give us a call to find out how we can help you with your claim.

FREE Guide for Injured Workers – About Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

Injured workers need straight answers to their questions about their Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims. That’s why we created this website, and it’s why we published  The Injured Worker’s Guide to Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, a free booklet answering the most common questions we receive from our clients.

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Written without legalese, the booklet answers your questions, including:

  • What Is Workers’ Compensation – The “Act”

  • Benefits Generally

  • Total Temporary Disability Benefits/Calculation of Average Weekly Wage

  • Partial Disability

  • Medical Benefits

  • How Does an Attorney Get Paid?

  • What Are an Employee’s Obligations?

  • What Are an Employer’s Obligations?

  • Claims Processing & Other Information

  • Employer’s Acceptance of Employee’s Injury

  • Notice Of Compensation Payable

  • Notice Of Temporary Compensation Payable

  • Denial/Stopping Benefits Under An NTCP

  • “Medical Only” NCP

  • Notice of Workers’ Compensation Denial

  • Medical Care Issues

  • What Doctor Can I See? & Must I Treat With Company Doctor for 90 Days?

  • The Doctor I Am Seeing Isn’t Helping, Can I See Another One?

  • Travel Expenses

  • Litigation

  • Can I Settle My Claim?

  • What Not to Do If You Get Hurt

  • Who is Entitled to Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

  • No Matter Where You Live, If You Were Hurt in Pennsylvania, You’re Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

  • What Types of Injuries Are Covered Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act?

  • How Are Wage Loss Benefits Calculated Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Act?

  • When Will I Receive My Benefits?

  • How Long Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

  • Can I Sue My Employer?

  • Do I Need a Lawyer?

  • What Do You Do If You Have Been Denied Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

  • What If My Employer Tries to Stop My Workers’ Compensation Benefits – By Filing A Petition Or Just Cutting Off My Checks?

  • Impairment Rating Exams

Click here to download your FREE copy.

Also available from Amazon.com  in a traditional edition, and in a Kindle edition